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Eliminate Pop Up Veins

To Eliminate Pop Up Veins can use the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing (CHUEH) Effectively.  Of the two cases posted, you can obviously see if using the cosmic energy only to do healing as Case 2 is a lot slower than using the CHUEH that combined cosmic energy healing plus TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) knowledge as Case 1 could achieve.

Case 1

Treated pop up veins with the CHUEH (Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing) that used cosmic energy plus TCM knowledge.

Case 1 Pop up vein after 10 minutes healing
pop up vein after additional 20 minutes healing

Case 1 Applied Chinese medicine knowlwdge


Treated pop up veins with the CHUEH (Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing)  without Chines Medicine knowledge.

Case 2 Pop up vein before Healing
After one hour and ten Minutes regular cosmic energy healing

Case 2 Regular Cosmic energy healing without applying Chinese medicine knowledge.

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