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We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


CHUEH Eight Units CE Class

CHUEH Eight Units CE Class is the CHUEH beginner class for acupuncturists and associations who want to earn eight units of CEU.

It includes the CHUEH Four Units CE Class content plus explanation for detail analysis the causes and the treatment of pain, stress and insomnia.

The diseases cause analysis is based on the internal, external, non-internal and non-external factors. The treatments will be based on the root causes and symptoms to treat. There is more time to do practice in the classroom for an eight unit CE class.


The practice is like a clinical training. Attendants can experience the real clinical situation and learn how to handle variety situations. it’s a challenge to find the root cause and decide the treatment plan in a very short time. Therefore, we highly recommend this class for acupuncturists and ask attendant attend the full class..

The Group Healing Benefits

The beauty of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing is very flexible and powerful. The treatment is very fun and fast. A patient can be treated by many healers.
Among all of the healers, there is only one be the professional and have high energy. Very soon, all of the other low energy healer can transmit the same high energy as the highest energy healer.
Meanwhile, all of the healers and the patients all can get treatment benefits.

Testimonial for the CHUEH and its Applications - Eight Units CE Class

Last December, I joined South Baylo University doctor program Chinese students held an acupuncturists’ eight units continue education class. Frieda Mah, L.Ac. taught us her Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing and its application for pain, stress and insomnia.


This was a happy class. I felt pleasant. I learned how to think and diagnose correctly. I practice her taught exercise Da Zhou Tian, I am always full of energy afterward.


That day, there was an attendant fell down from the stairs to the floor. She was held to enter the classroom. She was hardly to stand erectly and walk. She had pain all over the body, especially had pain in her both knees and both hands. She also had many red spots.

Frieda and the other three acupuncturists collaborated to treat her with the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing. Almost twenty minutes, the injured acupuncturist felt relived and there was only one mild pain spot left.


By Yang C Lee, L.Ac. on June 8, 2016 at Los Angeles, California, USA

Frieda's Note

With the other three acupuncturists helped to heal this acupuncturist, the pain reduced quickly. The acupuncturist patient did not want to bother my class and insisted to let me go back to teach for many times. Until there was mild pain in her right side hip, I told her where to put her hands to do self-healing. Then, I walked back to the stag to teach.

At the end of the healing, the acupuncturist patient gave gratitude to me. I mentioned that there were another three acupuncturists helped her. She gave gratitude to the other three. I asked her what’s the difference to give gratitude to me and to all of us? She replied that by giving gratitude to everyone, she felt more energy flowing inside her body.

From this real case, I mentioned in the class that when you give gratitude to God before eating, you’d better give gratitude to God and all of the people from farmers to the supermarket cashier or whatever who helped to get food ready in the front of you. The universe gives more reward and blessing to you.

The official class name for the December 13, 2015 doctor program CE class is "Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing For TCM Practice". 

Frieda’ Lecture Class

CHUEH group practice to treat the injured patient

Individual practice demo and answer questions

Eighty attendants

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