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Why Whole Body Healing System Replaced Acupuncture Treatments?


Why Whole Body Healing System Replaced Acupuncture Treatments? It’s Frieda’s decision. The whole body healing system is a better solution for today and fits in the future medical trend to activate the self-healing power. That prevents illnesses and lifts the body/mind/soul overall frequency.

The acupuncture treatment effectiveness depends on the needle length, needle thickness, needling skills, the direction of needle insertion, the knowledge of the practitioner, the accurate diagnosis of the practitioner, the experience of the practitioner to find the most powerful points to needle, how accurate of locating the acupuncture points, the strength of the practitioner’s qi following the needle to enter the patient, the strong willing power of the practitioner’s desire to let the patient be better sooner, etc.

It is harder to train a good acupuncturist than a whole body healing system healer.

The other reasons are:

  1. Frieda’s two hands treating severe sick patients’ rate are far slower than the severe sick patients’ generating rate.
  2. Acupuncture treatments like feeding fishes to the patient. It is not as valued as the whole body healing system teaches patients how to fish.
  3. Acupuncture is one to one treating. Yet, the whole body healing system can be many healers to one patient or one healer to treat many patients.
  4. The acupuncture only treats body blockage. However, the whole body healing system can treat body/mind/soul problems.
  5. The whole body healing system leads to solving nowadays many problems derived from lack of self-ethical-regulations. But, the acupuncture treatment has no clue for it.
  6. In addition, acupuncture only applied face to face treatment. The whole body healing system can treat a distant or remote patient by willing power as advanced to the advanced level.
  7. Moreover, acupuncture in a current dimensional universe treatment. The whole body healing system is a higher dimensional universe treatment.

However, for the server body blockage patients, Frieda use Magnet Therapy. Very severe body blockage patients, use acupuncture plus moxibustion or even add her unique external use herbal formula to treat.

For mind blockage, use dream builder coach and life mastery consulting skill to treat.

For the soul blockage, character cultivation to transform the client.



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