We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


If you learned the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing, in many situations, it benefits your daily life to avoid discomfort.

You can enjoy the happiness of health, save money and time without visiting a clinic or even visit an ER.

If you encountered following situation in your daily life, what will you do?

Situation One   Feel Discomfort after Clinics Closed


You feel a migrant bothered your sleep and all clinics already closed.

The worst thing is that it’s a raining or snowing and cold night. ER is far away.

Do you want to visit an ER? Or, do you put hands like below to do the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing?

Self-healing for migrant

Self-healing for migrant

You can follow the instructions in the book to not suffer the migrant from pain tips and follow insomnia tips to fix the root problem.

Situation Two   Fall Down Without Having Pain Later


You just fell down. You have no severe injury like bone fracture or bleeding.

But, you feel pain in your head or somewhere on your body. Will you bother to visit a clinic?

Or, will you like to spend a couple minutes to do the CHUEH to ride off the pain and rule out the severity of visiting a clinic or an ER?


Situation Three  When You Need High Productivity But You Do Not Have It


You are rushing for your work. You feel sleepy but you cannot slow down your work. What you can do?

Do you want to spend a couple minutes to boost your productivity right the way by yourself without drinking a cup of coffee?

The CHUEH offers you excellent solution!


Situation Four  When You Need Calm Down. But You Cannot!


You cannot clam down to do your job or homework or prepare for tomorrow’s exam or a presentation or a workshop.

If there is a quick way to help you calm down within 1 -3 minute, will you like to learn and do it by yourself?


Situation Five  You Have a Bad Mood on Your Anniversary. Your Spouse are Happily Waiting for You to Celebrate it! 


You feel stressed and unhappiness on your anniversary day.

Do you want to destroy your anniversary happiness and disappointed your spouse?
If you can learn how to do the CHUEH healing and change your mood to be happy with life satisfication in minutes with effective method, will you refuse to do the CHUEH healing?

If yes, please go to grasp the know how from Amazon now. I bet, you want to share it with your loved ones too.

If the above situations you have not encountered and you want to read more to see if you can get benefits from the CHUEH self-healing, please read Why Ought Love Self-Healing? 2.

Why Suffering?

Do you know that you are created to have a  happy, healthy, wealthy and abundant life?

If you have discomfort, do you want to heal yourself right the way without suffering and spend money to visit any medical professionals in the most cases?

Ride Off My Discomfort

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