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We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


Universal Resources

There are areas in the universe to wait for human beings to discover and use. They are free with abundant supplies.

Universal Resources: Instead of using the visible materials, we can study how to use the invisible nutrients and energy in the universe to nourish our lives.

We call the invisible nutrients and energy in the universe as the universal qi.
If we know how to use the universal qi to support our lives directly, the world competitions and fighting, wars can be reduced. Then everyone lives in an abundant life.


Universe Qi is Far Stronger Than Human Being’s Qi

Therefore, universal qi enters our body have more force to push our qi and blood flow. It means that the universal energy has more force to push qi flowing in our body. Therefore, it has better healing results than acupuncture treatments in most cases. Except the healer or the client has a cold constitution or severe blockage.

If there is severe blockage, then, acupuncture pin pointed to a small area can have better treatment result.

Learn Self-Healing for Pain, Stress and Insomina

Except your body or soul are severe blockage, you can use the book of A Wealth of Health-Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress and Insomnia to improve your health and you own the treasure. Learn body, mind, soul relationship and how to unblock their links.

If your body has severe blockage, you'd better to get qualified acupuncture treatment or acupuncturist's other therapies.

If the links among your soul, mind and body has  blockage, please join our training.

Get the Treasure

Massive Opportunities Are Waiting for Researchers and You!

Think about from a dot expended to be a line, how many dots can be accepted? Form a line to be a plane, how many lines can be added? It's so on. If from a three dimensional space to be a four dimensional space, how much space can be added? Out of your current imagination!

The higher dimensional universe needs a creature to have higher frequency to live in. Think about that if you can raise your body/mind/soul integrated frequency, how easy is it for you to solve your current four dimensional universe problems?

When the earth entering to a higher dimensional universe, the current world competition disappearing and it's waiting for you to explore to set your business kingdom before it's too crowded. If you are awake for the changing, please get off your comfort zoom to get what you are entitled to have.

Opportunities are Waiting You is Far Better Than You Looking for Opportunities

When your overall frequency of your body, mind and soul is high, you attract the right opportunities to you. When you are calm, you can recognize the grade of the excellent opportunities according to your frequency.  

Want to lift your frequency? Join Us! 

Join us to spread our message is doing good deed that life up your frequency! Join our training and get a coach to guide you, encourage you and support you!

Grasp My Fortunate Without Missing It

The Universe is Full Invisible Materials And Energy

Sky exists many kind energy rays, waves and life supported materials.

Universal invisible energy, materials and visible energy, materials feed so many creature.

The Secret Key of the Abundant and Fortunate

The universe has unlimited space to explore, to reside, to gain resources free or with fee, to create fortunate, etc.

The examples of the free resources are the air that we breaths in, cloud in the sky for us to watch or take photos to make money, free natural spots to see or visit, etc.

The paid resources are gasoline, visit a tourist site, etc. You can name them. once you know where to spend your money.

The key to open the universal abundant and fortunate is ethics that generate the highest frequency, i.e. the most possibilities for you to access what you want.

No matter how the value changed by the timing such as the war period or environment, especially the political environment, social factors, etc. However, the ethical or moral codes that are regulated by the commander of the universe have never been changed.

Besides the ethic codes in our book, some other good ethic code examples are: can be trusted, do not take advantage from the others, feedback reasonable award for benefits asked from the others, no stealing, etc.

The world is not one party to rule or abuse the others. The rule is mutual balanced and mutual benefits for positive things. Otherwise, getting tangible benefits can lost invisible fortunate without notice.

The universe commander rules the ethic codes, the moving of planets, seasons, disasters and rewards to each individual’s behavior, etc.

Our training programs transfer your frequency, help you find your life mission, find the key to open your door to the universal abundant and fortunate.

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