We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


Universal Energy Offers Tremendous Health Benefits

  • Universal energy is free.
  • Universal energy is abundant.
  • Universal energy healing does no harm to our body.
  • Universal energy healing makes recovery sooner for many health issues.
  • Universal energy healing power is stronger and more powerful than many treatments.
  • Universal energy healing is the only therapy that benefits both the healer and the patient.
  • Universal energy healing offers convenience that we do not need to go to an acupuncture clinic to get treated. We can use universal energy to improve our body any time and almost at any places without any tools, equipment or acupuncture needles.
  • Universal energy healing can be used in emergency situations when there is nothing can help the patient. At lease, the universal energy healing can stabilize the situation or reduce the damage to the patient is there is nothing can help the patient before entering a medical center.

Enter Your Healthy/Wealthy Door

Let Me In

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