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We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


The Power of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing (CHUEH)

The Power of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing (CHUEH) gives you an idea about what the CHUEH can treat and if you scroll down to the bottom, the table for healing pain, stress, insomnia can roughly give you an idea about the power of the CHUEH for a single person do healing. If more persons or invite the client to join the healing, the time can be cut down.

It’s scientific proved that we can do self healing:

Lifting body, mind and soul integrated frequency can avoid sickness  is also approved:

Raise Up Your Energy Frequency to Avoid Sick

CHUEH is a self healing tool that lift your body, mind and soul frequency by unblocking their energy flow. If you have severe blockage, you need looking for our other services.

The Power of the CHUEH is fantastic. If a person’s energy is not severe blockage that needs more time to treat or adopt the other TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) treatments such as acupuncture, moxibution or even with our special invented external herbal pad, the CHUEH can be more effective than many TCM and western medicine treatments. Such as I used to ask MDs, acupuncturists and the practitioner who practice both western and eastern medicine to give me any medicine that can calm a person in a short time and/or as calm as the CHUEH can do. So far, here is no one can give me the answer.

Below are covered in my first book:

Treated Items and cases examples for pain, stress and insomnia

Treatment Items


Headaches, migraines , dizziness, tinnitus , deafness ( inaudible ) , visually impaired , pain, red eyes with pain , nasal congestion ( cold flu) , runny nose , drooling , sore throat, neck ache / pain , difficulty swallowing, fatigue and inability to concentration. 3 year-old children with congenital brain injury could not lift head , neck was soft and right side ribs were deformed. After 20-30 minutes adjustment, her neck could support her head and partial of the ribs that were covered by my hand became normal shape.


Frozen shoulder , shoulder pain and soreness

Upper body

Upper back pain, chest pain , heart discomfort, palpitations , unhappy , irritability, phlegm inside lungs ( after adjustment could feel breathing easier and lung capacity increased) , thoracic spine bone protruding, pediatric ribs on the right side was higher than the left side arc could be adjusted to be the same height.

Lower body

Lumbar disc stenosis, pinch nerve , inflamed and pain after hip replacement surgery , hip sprain, low back pain

Upper abdomen

Stomachache, upset stomach , depressive mood , nausea, loss of appetite , vomiting.

Lower abdomen

Abdominal pain, bloating, uterus tomor caused discomfort, menstrual pain.

Upper limbs

Arm, elbow , forearm , wrist pain, hand and forearm vascular protrusion.

Lower limbs

Swollen legs , swollen ankles , leg pain, knee pain, foot pain, varicose veins on leg, poor blood circulation , unable to stand up after seating.


Insomnia, poor energy, fatigue , threaten, cold flu , heart palpitations , high blood pressure , mental stress , motor mind, etc.

Examples for pain, stress, insomnia

No Physical Conditions Minutes Result
1 Right side migraine 5 No pain
2 Neck pain 9 No pain
3 Neck、shoulders pain 25 No pain
4 Left shoulder and upper back 15 No pain
5 Chest distention 10 No distention feeling
6 T6 protruded and pain 9 T6 got back to its position and no pain
7 Lower back pain and soreness 20 No pain and soreness
8 Hip pain due to sprain 10 No pain
9 Nausea and vomiting 20 No symptoms and emotion got better
10 Abdomen bloating 15 No bloating sensation in abdomen
11 Right forearm and hand pain 15 No pain
12 Right keg pain、right ankle swollen and pain 35 No pain, reduced 50% of swollen
13 Left leg and ankle swollen, numbness and pain 12 Swollen reduced and no pain/numbness
14 Right lower leg and Achilles tendon pain 12 Pain reduced to be very mild
15 Right upper leg pain and soreness 20 No soreness and pain
16 Cold lower limbs 10 Legs and toes felt warm
17 Stress, neck and lower back pain 15 No pain and stress, felt happy and calm
18 Stress 3 No stress and calm
19 Stress 5 Calm
20 Stress 6 Calm
21 Stress、sadness 20 No sadness but happy
22 Stress with poor energy 15 Happy with energy
23 Stress with insomnia 40 Happy and insomnia improved
24 Waked up at 4:00 ~ 5:00 AM 45 No wake up
25 Wake up at 3:00 AM 20 No wake up
26 Shallow sleep 25 Sleep over night comfortable
27 No sleep over night due to threaten (Tow persons did adjustment) 70 Could sleep until 4:00 or 5:00 AM
28 Fatigue and sleepy 3 Good energy
29 Curiosity to try 5 Calm and relaxed
30 General health maintenance 10 Whole body felt comfortable


  1. The above data did not involve the client to heal him/herself. Otherwise, the time will be even shorter. It was the early healing record.
  2. The healing effectiveness varies with the healer’s skills and the client’s body/mind/soul blockage level.

You can learn more specific cases from “A Wealth of Health!: Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress and Insomnia“.  And learn learn Why Ought Love Self-Healing?

Contact Us if you feel to be healthier, happier and cut down medical cost are important. You can help your self, your loved ones and people who you meet.

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