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We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


Stop Bleeding

The Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing is good for stop bleeding. Due to universal yang qi is strong and can regulate blood flow within the blood vessels. However, it is applied for mild bleeding and your healing power on hand is strong enough.

If your hands are cold. Your hands do not have yang qi. Please do not try and expect you can stop the bleeding. Meanwhile, fix your body’s coldness first. Except you just came from a cold environment or used cold water to wash hands or held cold stuffs with your hands.
Rub your hands to generate some heat or put your hands above any heat source such as a heater to warm up your hands first.
If your hands cool down quickly and you have a cold constitution, you need to visit an acupuncturist to change your body constitution. Or, the environment is too cold, go to a warm place to stop bleeding.
If the blood bleeding is severe, please call 911. If the bleeding is at the outer body, before the ambulance coming, use a strip to tie on the upper side the bleeding place to reduce the blood flowing to the blood bleeding site.

This case, the patient had bloody sputum with a discomfort throat.

The patient called in and sent in his bloody sputum pictures on Jan 14, 2015 as below:

Jan 14 2015 pic 1
Jan 14 2015 Pic 2

Taught him how to use the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to treat. Meanwhile, let him make an appointment to visit a local health care professional.

He did the five minute exercise to have healing power in his hands and applied the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing and sent in the pictures early in the next morning as below:

Jan 15 2015 pic 3
Jan 15 2015 Pic 4

Later, his MD let him visit an ER. Then, he took anti-biotic pill and practice the Comprehensive Universal  Energy Healing everyday until no bloody sputum and drugs gone.

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