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Reader Discussion


Reader Discussion: If you are a book reader of  “A Wealth of Health-Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress and Insomnia“, you can post your experiences and questions according to the chapter and/or appendix or any other contents in the book for continuing to improve their knowledge and healing skills.

Readers’ discussion is another form of learning. Instead of creating an FB page, come here, you can get a more organized Q & A place to learn better without a long time search.


Our first book covers how to get self-healing energy in your hands, how to do healing for pain, stress related health issues and insomnia.

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Pre chapter     Introduction to the Energy Healing: Background, Concept, History and Application Scope
Chapter One

Chapter Two       The Root of Health and Wealth
Chapter Three    Introduction to Healing Cases

Chapter Four      The Cases for Sickness, Pain, Degeneration and Aging
Chapter Five       How to get the Universal Energy to Improve Health
Chapter Six         Healing Points
Chapter Seven    Hands Position for Healing
Chapter Eight     Turning Better Reaction and the Needed Mindset During Healing
Chapter Nine     Time for Referral
Chapter Ten      How to Handle the Emergency Situation
Chapter Eleven Some Common seen Health Issues Healing
Chapter Twelve Conclusion

Appendix 1 Author’s Medical Path
Appendix 2 Glossary

Appendix 3 Testimonials
Appendix 4 Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory
Appendix 5 Locations for Important Acupuncture Points and Organs
Appendix 6 Author’s Medical Discoveries
Appendix 7 Our Website
Appendix 8  Chuan Xiong and Fu Zi Applications
Appendix 9 References

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