We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


Pain Relief

Pain relief is the most common health issues to use the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing. If you can learn the 5 minute exercise that was taught in the book,follow the book to practice the exercise, the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing and the investment excises for the universal codes at the end of each chapter every day. You will have strong healing power in your hands. Then, it will give you a lot conveniences.

When I hit something or fell down by accident, I used my hands to help the injured local area qi and blood circulation, the pain went away quickly without sequential health issues. No matter where I go, I also use my hands to help people in emergency needs or improve their quality of life. You do good deeds with spend any money!

Accumulate the healing power on your hands is an excellent and a priceless asset for yourself. You never know when you can use it to save you or another person’s life!
Though, there are cases scattered on this website and in the book,. Below are some cases for your reference:

Shoulder Pain Testimonial:

I had right shoulder pain, periodically, for 20 years.

When these episodes happened, the pain level could reach as high as 10 out of 10 in the pain scale. The pain started after a childhood martial accident when I was 18.

When I showed Frieda where my painful area was, she asked me if it was caused by a forceful hit. I said yes. I teach Arnis/FMA. She also noticed I had a thick nodule that was 2 inches in diameter.

Frieda put her hands on the top of my head and my painful area, she also let me put my right hand on my left shoulder in order to reduce the pain quicker. My hand was colder then hers. Pretty soon, my right hand had the same temperature with hers.

It took around 40-50 minutes for my pain and nodule to go away – only a mild discomfort remained.

Frieda tested my hands for some heat. She told me to put my left hand on my torso where the heat was building up to wave off the pain. I feel totally fine the next day.

During the 40-50 minutes, Frieda moved her hand from my head to the back of my shoulder to expel the coldness inside the injury area. She also moved both hands away and close to my pained right shoulder to help break the cold energy in my right shoulder. I did feel the energy. She also put hands on my neck, spine, liver, spleen and heart area to expel coldness in my lungs, as well as let me move my right hand to the liver area in the front. I felt emotion became better and happier.

During the process, Frieda demonstrated that the healing process can be made quicker by experiencing and channeling the power of love, gratitude, and sharing.

This collaboration was an eye opener for me. I could feel the power increase with each experience of great loving feeling. That speed up the treatment.

I never thought that universal healing energy can be this powerful. I should have looked for this kind of help sooner.

By Ramses Sison at CA, USA on April 1, 2014

Elbow Pain Relief

Use Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Treating Elbow Pain.

Treat Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain Relief

Group Healing for Pain Relief

The universe incentive for collaboration. When four people treated a person falling down from stairs and rolling down to the floor with whole body pain, hardly walk and stand straight. Within twenty minutes, the pain almost gone.

The beauty for a group healing is not only the synergy of the energy to get a quicker and better result, but also everyone has the strongest healing energy on hands as same as the most potent person in the group. Moreover, every healer gets the energy  t clean self body's blockage.

Please click CHUEH Eight Units CE Class to read the case.

Take Care Yourself Before You Serve the Others

Get the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing book to read. Join the reader’s discussion for free this year. After one year of the book be published, the reader discussion will be a fee based membership field.

In the medical field, class learning is easier. The tough part is the practice. When hit the real case, You might do not know how to do diagnosis. When you diagnosed right, you might do not know where to out hands, how long you move your hands to the next spot? Where is the next spot to put hands?

You might live alone and without another person nearby to let you practice. You always can apply the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing on yourself. When yourself be healthier, you can heal the others quicker and feel proud of yourself. Plus, you experience many conditions during the healing, you can `

Nowadays, air, food pollution, plus fast speed pace and a lot interrupt, everyone has stress or liver toxins. At least, you can put hands on the liver and spleen area to detoxify your liver and boost up whole body metabolism and secondary immunity organ – spleen. If you read the book, you can get more idea to take care yourself, no matter it is in the body, mind or soul that all can lift your frequency to a higher level.

Live in A No Pain Life

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