We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


Join Training

The CHUEH training program (Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing training program) is a systematic knowledge, feasible and practical model. It helps to reach your healthy, happy, wealthy and successful dream life.

  1. General public CHUEH training program
  2. Conprehensive Universal Energy Healer training program: Can represent our company and/or brand to do training
  3. Medical Professionals CHUEH training program: Can not represent our company and/or brand to do training but you can practice what you learned.
  4. Hypnosis and hypnotherapist classes
  5. Acupuncturists’ Continue Education Classes

Before you join our training program, please learn The Whole CHUEH Training Picture first.

If you like our The Whole CHUEH Training Picture and agree with us, please check the  events for classes to register.

We reserve the right to change the training program as needed. Please be our website subscriber in order to get the most recent information.

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