Forgive? When the hurt is too strong and got too severe injured for too long, hate, mad, sad, angry, etc. emotions is also strong. If can ride them off, then, can forgive.

How? Below are some recommendations:


  1. Put Down: All of the bad emotions make mind, body and brain healthy. They block qi and blood free flowing, affect health, alert, smart thinking, slower down your life move toward to a better life.Think each bad emotion likes a bag of heavy junk stones. Why do you carry them? Put them down, your body, mind, brain and soul will feel a lot lighter. Then, can start to enjoy life and happiness.
  2. If it is still hard to forgive, hand him/her into God’s hands to give him/her needed rewards. Then, you get released. God is very fair. However, if you pray for God to help you heal instead of letting God help you to punish him/her. You will get better reward(s).
  3. Let time to help you heal. Healing takes time to do healing job. In order to let the healing to speed up, you do not to recall memory for the hurt, treat the event like the other persons. It includes his/her passed away and no more link with you.
  4. Use distance to protect yourself. The distance can be a physical distance, such as a move away, change job, etc. Or, keep a psychological distance to avoid meet together. When his/her use language to hurt you, do not pick up. Think about he/she is reflecting his/her inside and it’s not talking about you.
  5. To think if change the role: Will you act better? By how? Then, you will grow for not hurting the others in the similar situation later.Do you want to change the role to be the person bullies the others or prefer to be the victim? If you grow after the bully, you will prefer to feel gratitude for your growth instead of to be the one bullies to fall in a bad karma.When the gratitude is strong, it generates forgive naturally.
  6. In order to not be bullied again, can find a way to grow stronger or learn how to use intelligent to do powerful talk to change the other side’s mind.You can be humorous or persuade words to stop the bully or shift attention to run away. Later, I will think about or find some stories to put as examples.
  7. Find a good acupuncturist to soothe your liver and strengthen your heart well as taking care the other health issues. Then, physically and psychologically you are stronger to forgive and heal your heart.
  8. The most important is to dump the unhappiness out of your mind. Think about if you stepped in a bird’s dropping or a dog’s poop, you wash or wipe it out and then keep walking toward your destination. You will not due to the shit to stop walking or keep your bad mood that is an obstacle to your achievement. Right? If you can think clearly, it’s not hard. Therefore, forget and let it go is the best and the first step toward to forgive.

What is your treasure to do forgive? Please share your idea and/or experiences on the comment. Thanks for sharing.

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