We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


How Does Energy Influences Our Health?

We commonly know that energy gives us productivity. Beyond that, energy means more than productivity. It means a life is existing actually.

Energy control our body functions. However, the western used to say energy. It is only a partial function of the yang qi functions in the Chinese medicine.
In the Chinese medicine, we use a broader word of Qi. Qi is full in the universe: in the space, air, our body, animals and plants.

Qi includes two parts:

The yang part is the yang qi  that is the real energy to support all of our body’s full functions. Please refer to our book for the functions of the yang qi.  It’s the main reason why the Chinese medicine can treat diseases well. It’s due to Chinese medicine knows how to boost up yang qi. But, the yang qi concept is totally missing in the western medicine.

The yin part is  the yin qi. It is the material part of the qi. In our body, it includes nutrients, hormones, endocrines, neurotransmitters, electrolytes of the water and metabolizing wastes, etc.

Even the universe is full of Qi. It is not only the energy of the light, gamma ray, electromagnetic wave, radio wave, etc. Like the air, it has weight. The weight is from the material particles in the air. They include all of the elements to support our life and plants growing use materials, vaporized water and exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2), etc.

In our body, Qi moves blood as an adding force in additional to the heart pump the blood to help circulation. Qi moves lymph fluid and all kind materials that circulating in our body. It controls endocrine secretion, growth, circulation route, nerve growing directions, organs’ activities. Even hold our soul will, we are still breathing. For more detailed yang Qi functions, please read out a book of “A Wealth of Health-Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress and Insomnia” by Frieda Mah at Amazon.

Therefore, acupuncture and the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing unblock the qi and blood flow to be smooth. It is a lot simplified the disease treatments. It looks easy. But, please do not make yourself wrong.
The knowledge of where and how to put the acupuncture happy pin (needles) or where to put hands needs basic knowledge, thinking and experiences for each case. Usually, the cases are different. It likes drawing. A paper and pen can draw. But, the drawing quality and value have huge differences.

Or, it is more like to repair a car problem. Some technician can fix a car problem easily, but, not the other car repair technicians can fix. They even have no clue about what caused the problem. Or, some can fix the car without replacing the whole part. Some needs to replace the part in order to let the car run again.

Lucky is that you have an excellent guidance from Frieda’s book.

Note: Frieda’s patients like Frieda’s needles and call her needles as happy pins. It’s due to when the happy pins be inserted, stress or pain or discomfort gone, body function comes back and can get instant happiness.

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