We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


Frequent Ask Questions

How does energy related to our health?

Energy control our body functions. However, the western used to say energy. It is only a partial function of the yang qi functions in the Chinese medicine.

In the Chinese medicine, we use a more broad word of Qi. Qi is full in the universe: in the space, air, our body, animals and plants.

Qi includes two parts:

The yang part is the yang qi  that is the real energy to support all of our body’s full functions. Please refer to our book for the functions of the yang qi.  It’s the main reason why the Chinese medicine can treat diseases well. It’s due to Chinese medicine knows how to boost up yang qi. But, it is missing in the western medicine.

The yin part is  the yin qi. It is the material part of the qi. In our body, it includes nutrients, hormones, endocrines, neurotransmitters, electrolytes of the water and metabolizing wastes, etc.

Even the universe is full of Qi. It is not only the energy of the light, gamma ray, electromagnetic wave, radio wave, etc. Like the air, it has weight. The weight is from the material particles in the air. They include all of the elements to support our life and plants growing use materials, vaporized water and exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2), etc.

In our body, Qi moves blood as an adding force in additional to the heart pump the blood to help circulation. Qi moves lymph fluid and all kind materials that circulating in our body. It controls endocrine secretion, growth, circulation route, nerve growing directions, organs’ activities. Even hold our soul will, we are still breathing. For more detailed yang Qi functions, please read out a book of “”A Wealth of Health-Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress and Insomnia”” by Frieda Mah.

To be a healthy person is simple and easy in the Chinese medicine: To have Qi and blood flowing smoothly and harmonized inside our body. Plus a positive attitude and thinking toward life.

Universal Energy Offers Tremendous Health Benefits

  • It’s free.
  • It’s abundant.
  • It has no harm to our body.
  • It offers convenience that we do not need to go to an acupuncture clinic to get treated. We can use universal energy to improve our body any time and almost in any places without any tools, equipment or acupuncture needles.
  • Universal qi is  stronger than our body’s qi flowing. If use it to treat our health issues, due to the amount of the qi flowing, the healing can be shortened.

Why Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing?

It is the most comprehensive universal energy healing so far. Let’s see why it is so unique?

  1. Easy to learn and can practice quickly without professionals’ help to open chokra or acupuncture points.
  2. So far, among all of the cosmic energy healing, there is no correct diagnosis to find the root problem(s) of a client’s health issues(s). Treating symptoms are most common. Without removing the root problem(s), the symptom(s) could not totally gone. Sometimes, it depends on the severity and the time period of the symptom(s) could happen again. Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing was derived from Chinese medicine knowledge.
  3. It involves Frieda’s more than twenty-three years’ traditional Chinese medicine study and treatment experiences, including treating decades chronic or hard to treat cases.
  4. It also includes dream builder coach, life mastery consultant, meditation and hypnosis skills.
  5. It includes ethic codes to let people directly feel practicing the ethics benefit health and have good moods.
  6. By practicing the exercises and the comprehensive universal energy healing every day, the improvements covers body, mind and soul. The healing power increased and can help more varieties and more severe health issues .
  7. When save money to visit clinics and have more energy, people become wealthy, healthy and fell more sanctification to life.

How Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Benefits Elderly?

  1. Health is not hard to reach in the TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) by keeping the smooth flow of a harmonized qi and blood, yin and yang balanced as well as a positive mindset. Read our book, web post, attend our training courses or events can bring you positive mindset. Your rest life can be shining or under sunshine's warm and comfortable feeling.
  2. The book of  "A Wealth of Health-Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress and Insomnia" teaches exercise can boost immunity and health. Let elderly enjoy healthy life.
  3. The Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing helps elderly eliminating pain, insomnia, stress, prevent or even reverse degeneration, boost communities, eliminating chronic diseases, etc. If can follow the book to practice DA Zhou Tien five minutes per day exercises, sled-healing by applying the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing, universal codes of all ethic acts, the elderly can enjoy a wealthy, healthy, happy and satisfying life!
  4. Elderly practices the Comprehensive universal Energy Healing with friends changes elderly's life. Elderly is used to live alone at home and degenerate sooner. Now, elderly can enjoy friendships and mutual taking care of health. Elderly still enjoy happy life with friends.
  5. The Comprehensive universal Energy Healing  Solves Bad Eyesight Easily.
  6. Elderly practices the ethic codes with the Comprehensive, Universal Energy Healing daily, gradually, they feel happier and without sorry to the others. The self-satisfaction is the best aid in their health and happy life.

How Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Benefits Employer and Employees?

  1. Comprehensive universal energy healing let employees feel calm, life sanctification, happy, energetic and increase productivity.
  2. Employees mutual take care each other's health, give love, gratitude, share and collaboration with the others. Their interpersonal relationship improved, life sanctification increased.
  3. If whole company employees learn how to give gratitude, share love, and have higher productivity, there opens a new chapter for employer and employees' positive relationship
  4. If all employees practice comprehensive universal energy healing, employees health improved, employer's health insurance premium will be reduced.
  5. In case of there is any accident happens in the company, immediately apply comprehensive universal energy healing to the victim. The health damage to the victim can be reduced to a minimum level. It reduces work compensation expenditures and reduce the victim's health sequels.

Can Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Helps New Born Babies?

If the newborn is normal, the comprehensive universal energy healing helps the baby’s immunity and health.

Based on the Chinese medicine yang qi’s functions. Below needs more clinical trials to cut down defect babies lifetime medical cost and give the new born babies a normal life. Moreover, a new born baby is a lot easier to be treated than an adult..

If the newborn has deform, it can correct the deformity.
If the newborn has low organ functions, it can boost organ functions.

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