Energy Boost Up

During a day, energy drop is quit common. People is used to have a coup of coffee to boost up energy. However, coffee is not available in many places and situations.

If you learned how to use the comprehensive universal energy healing, within 2~3 minutes or to some persons, it’s with one minute, energy boosts up. How cool is it?

  • When I was tired, Frieda gave me energy by putting her hand on my head for about 5 minutes and I felt my head get warmer and I started to wake up. I also had more energy throughout the day.
    By Hae-Song Hong at California, USA on April 4, 2014


  • I was feeling very tired and with 2-3 minutes of getting universal energy, I felt with a lot of energy.By Zelena Coatagena, CA, USA, on Jan 8, 2014


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