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Fundamentals for the Current Main Medical Fields 

We will cover the main ones. The two main fields are the traditional Western Medicine and the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).
We also cover the current medical field and the future medical fields and their trends.

Western Medicine Compare with Chinese Medicine

There are tons differences between the western medicine and TCM. Besides The Difference Between Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine  and many articles posted on https://universaltcm.com, below list some important ones for your reference.

Western Medicine

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Not the modern westernized Chinese medicine

TCM Logo

No *yang qi concept to let the patient recover his own body functions.

Has the yang Qi concept and know hot to boost yang qi to let the patient recover his body functions or conquer the invade diseases.

It is a diseases medicine. It mainly treats people until he is sick. The disease prevention concept is still new.
There are standards for diseases. But, there is shortage for a healthy person’s standard.

Aging is unavoidable.

TCM is a longevity medicine. People have a healthy long life. Prevent diseases is a long lasting common concept for the most Chinese.

Aging can be reversed. Degeneration can be stopped.

Artificially interference the health, use surgery, using chemical drugs to help the body function.

Follow the nature by avoiding surgery and using nature stuffs to help the body regain full functions again.

Derived from technology and study under microscopes.

Derived from science and nature that human being is part of the universe. So, his health ought to harmonize with the nature.
Due to its science, the therapists can always follow its basic theories to treat without mistakes for *million year history. Though there are different schools exist. But, they are all based on the most basic theories even though there could be the later followers applied the diagnosis and/or treatment methods wrong such as the Wen Bing Pai or so called the School febrile disease.

*Western world said Chinese medicine has three thousand years history is wrong. Due to from the Chinese classic literature citations can trace out the TCM has existed very long time. Even a lot classic Chinese medicine books already lost or still in some emperor’s grave. It’s due to the classic medical books were recorded in silk, bamboos, stone, turtle shells, etc. Plus there were disasters, wars in history. That made a lot ancient medical books disappeared.

Many classic Chinese medical books were sent by the emperors to Japan or Koran. Later, by trade favor or whatever reason, the book copy returned back  to China due to it was not exist in China any more.


Science exists long time. The technology exists shorter time. The new technology can always overwrite the old ones and prove the old one is wrong.

MDs have a shorter time deal with patients.

Acupuncturists spend more time with the patient to find out the root problem(s) and patients’ needs.

No ethic code to let patient to follow.

The ethic is important in daily life to follow.

Medical cost is high:
Diagnosis using non-stopped raising cost devices.

Treatment use drugs, surgery, etc.

Patients rely on MDs too much and are used to hand their health responsibilities to MDs.

Medical cost is low:

Read patients’ reliable body sign to do diagnosis with no additional cost to order tests.

Treatments with cheaper cost diet, lifestyle change, qigong and other nature ways to approach.

Health Responsibility is on patient’s hand.

Lot diseases have no clue.

Some diseases will be discussed briefly during the class. For more detailed diagnosis and treatments, we can open new classes if needed. We can train you acupuncture treatment. But, you need to have a valid acupuncture licence to join. Or, if there is more request, Frieda will consider to open accredited classes from California Acupuncture Board and regulated educational organization(s) for you to attend.

Majority western no clue diseases were well treated and documented in medical book a couple thousand years ago or earlier.

Advanced treatments

Use nenorobot to help the body do cleaning and fix. It’s a high cost approach.

Advanced treatment

Use ethic, universal energy to induce better Qi flowing inside the body to do body cleaning and fixing. Cost low or none.

Death definition in the Western Medicine
It can be organ failure, *stop heart beat or no breath and cannot be saved by CPR.

* Below sentence
“The mantra is…, “They’re not dead until they’re warm and dead.””
is cited from

Death definition in the TCM

When yin and yang is separating, it’s the terminal stage of the patient. When yin and yang totally separated, there is no body temperature and soul left the body is the real death.
Even when heart stopped beating, there is body temperature. Use acupuncture/moxiution or cosmic energy healing, the patient can alive again.
It needs more clinical trials to let the mainstream legally define the death. We believe that there is not one wants his loved one die in the mortuary with hungry, fear, disappointed, or mad.

Rely on the future technology for the unsolved diseases
Rich patients frozen their body to wait new technology to treat their sickness be ready. Then, wake up and accept the new treatment and alive again.

Collaborate with the nature. The soul has never died. Accept death to let soul to keep walking on its journey.

Moreover, a lot more western no clue diseases can be treated by a good TCM practitioner.

Advanced health care is for the rich people to access.

Advanced health care is accessible for the general public.

Western Medicine Superior than The TCM

There are advantages that the western medicine brings to the world. Such as a big accident to save life, big area burned to grow the skin with a growth factor. The growth factor is a new skill that to help in many ways. As time passed by, if the growth factor coin combines with TCM, the application and benefits could be broader.

The infrared scanner has no harm to the patients and can find where is the blockage. Meanwhile, it can prove the meridian exists by tracing hexagon water alignment alone the meridian.
There are many other good things in the western medicine to exist. We will discuss more to see how to make these area be more developed.

Modern Chinese medicine compare with the ancient Chinese medicine (TCM)

Why we talk about the TCM? It’s due to its potency to treat nowadays no clue diseases without order any test. We will compare them from different angles. But it will not go deep.

If you want to dive in, we can discuss how to open new classes later or guide where to learn or how to dive in by yourself. TCM is a treasure cave. Once you get into the beauty of it, you feel your life is too short and your capacity is too limited to pick up all of them!

The Future Medical Knowledge

As the earth enters to the higher dimensional universe. Every medical professional should notice the huge changes of the medical world. The current medical knowledge and/or skills might be useless.
We will watch a short carton and briefly discuss the basic medical knowledge for the higher dimensional universal medical skill and the higher dimensional medical knowledge.
It’s a new research field for all.

Energy Therapy and Cosmic Energy Therapy Categories

There are many energy therapies in the Chinese medicine and many schools in the cosmic energy therapy. We will briefly walk through them.

Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Characters

It teaches you the uniqueness of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing and will tell you want characters will be covered in the later training classes.

The Basic Theory of the TCM

It covers the most important theories in the TCM that are followed by any schools.


It can be Q&A or any add-on classes.

To Be a Real Successful Healthcare Provider

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