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Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Treats Cold Flu

Cold Flu Treated By the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing is powerful and convenient. If you treat early, it’s easy. If your constitution is weak and the symptoms changes too quick, you’d better looking for a health care profession to take care of you.

It is so common to get cold flu when weather changing.  It’s convenient to do self healing when get a cold flu to feel better without suffering for two weeks to get better. The Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing is powerful that you can do self healing when you just get it or feel discomfort. It is not only help for your symptoms but also boost up your immunity.

Cold Flu Case One

I was coughing and running noise. Frieda made putting my hands over my middle body and her hands over my chest and head. All of my symptoms were gone about 5 minutes for my running nose and less than 5 minutes for cough.

By Zelena Coatagena, CA, USA, on Jan 8, 2014

This case had flu for a week with productive cough and running nose.

Cold Flu Case Two

Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Treats Sore Throat

Treat Sore Throat

Treat Sore Throat

The patient would sing at the end of the live event. She got sore throat and was worried about her voice could disappoint everyone. But, her sore throat was fixed within five minutes before the event was started. Her song was so beautiful and won loud applause.

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