We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!




Comprehensive Universal Universal Energy Courses

Each subject class hour is varied and it can be an independent class, It depends on what items want to be covered by the client’s request. Such as treat four limbs, pain only, or add weak knees, etc.

In our classes, we also teach you how to avoid later or before you get the health issues. We teach you why and the causes of the health issues to help you have enough knowledge to avoid sickness.

More contents will be added later.


Relieve Pain

Teach you how to relive headaches, migraines, painful eyes, sore throat, neck ache / pain, Frozen shoulder , shoulder pain and soreness, upper back pain, chest pain , heart discomfort, thoracic spine bone protruding with pain, pinch nerve , inflamed and pain after hip replacement surgery , hip sprain, low back pain, stomachache, abdominal pain, menstrual pain, arm pain, elbow pain, forearm pain, wrist pain, leg pain, knee pain, foot pain.

Group practice lets you take terns to relive the pain in your body and experience the power of group healing.

We also teach you how to avoid pain when you just fall down.

The pain that you’d better not have it!


Relieve Stress and Heal Stress Cause Problems

Teach you the etiology of the tress caused health issues. How to solve them?

There is a group practice time to relive stress and heal stress caused problems.

Solve Insomnia Root Problems

Teach what causes cause insomnia, how to use the knowledge of the Chinese medicine to diagnose and how to help the insomnia goes away.
For decades, taking sleeping pills patients, the liver toxins accumulated too much. We might recommend you acupuncture treatments to help you sleep better and sooner.

Solve Heart and Blood Vessel Problems

We will teach you how to monitor your blood stasis in your body, what causes induced heart and blood vessel probems. How to use diet, exercises and the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to help you without trouble or improve your health issues. If you have a stent or pace maker, some exercises do not fit you. But, you can use the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to help your health issues. It’s a powerful and effective genital energy for improving your health use.

As the heart and blood vessel problems cause the number one killer in the US, how to avoid it is important to your health.
There is an exercise that can make your heart stronger to help many heart issues. But, once you have installed a stent or pace maker, you can not do it. As the TCM can treat all kind heart issues, the surgery can be avoided. Due to the root problems do not get solved. Plus, installed devise can cause further surgery.


Solve Diabetic and High Blood Pressure Problems

We will teach you what causes induced diabetes and high blood pressure problems. How to use diet, exercises and the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to help you without trouble or improve your health issues.
Long term under diabetic and high blood pressure drugs can cause high chances of kidney dialysis. You can avoid doing kidney dialysis if you use TCM treatments. Long term high blood pressure drugs can cause stroke. You’d better evaluate the consequences and do your best to help yourself to have a better life later, Enough medical knowledge is helpful. Especially have some knowledge of the alternative medicines can help you make better choices for your future life.

Solve Cold Flu, Cough Problems

There are nature diets with herb, exercise and the comprehensive universal energy healing can help you avoid or solve the cold flu and/or cough problems.
We can teach you simple exercises five minutes a day to help you boost your immunity.


In the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), all organs can cause cough. Weather characters also can cause productive cough. That’s why western medicine treats cough by only treating longs do not help in many cases. We teach you how to differentiate each organ caused cough and how to use the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to solve the cold flu and cough root problems.

Elderly Care

Elderly due to yang qi and.or blood deficiency induced a lot health issues. We will teach you some simple diagnosis methods and how to use a five minute exercise to boost the yang qi. You’d better to learn better to go back to teach the elderly or let the elderly come with you. We can give you a 10% family member discount refund when you come to the class together. Or, you refer your family members join the class.

We also teach you some diet tips, exercise and the comprehensive universal energy healing take care some degeneration problems such as hearing/vision ability going down, hardly stand up, easily get cold flu, etc.
For diseases, it depends on how long is under drugs and how many drugs took. If under the drugs too long or had too many drugs took, some TCM treatments might need to get.


Take Care An Accident

We will teach you what kind accident you need call 911. What kind accident you can call 911 and help to stabilize the patient without moving him/her.

In general, you can use the comprehensive universal energy healing for non emergency, non severe or non life threaten accidents to avoid any sequela.

Health is My fortunate!

I Want Great Health

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