We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


About Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing

The History of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing

It’s always the environment creates the new innovation.

The First Incubate Factor

In 2010, Frieda learned the real traditional Chinese medicine from Professor Ni, Hai Xia, L.Ac. and how to treat tough cases, Frieda started to treat severely sick patients or be mistreated patients. Their situations induced deep suffers for Frieda. How to avoid it is the number one question generated from Frieda’s mind

The Second Incubate Factor

The Frieda’s Youngest son told her that their generation’s life span starts shorter than their previous generations. It’s an unacceptable reality for almost all of the parents. “What can I do to conquer it?” generated immediately in Frieda’s mind.
As a Mom, the potential encountered difficulties are not a concern at all. How to save her kid’s is the clear goal without delaying and there is no tolerance for any deviation.

The Third Incubate Factor

Around 2010, raw herbs market was manipulated. The price jumped up very fast. It was from a couple ten percentage increase to be a several times or ten times price of the last order.

The first time when the price was raised, Frieda went to buy herbs. When she pulled out a credit card, she told the cashier: “Please hold it. I forgot one item. I go to pick it up now.” When she went back to the cashier, the cashier told her that one herb needed to add up 70% due to they just got a fax for a new price for the herb.

Under this situation, all patients complained about the herbal price was not affordable. It’s a stone in Frieda’s mind. One night, she woke up at 2:00 AM. She spent time and made some changes for her proscription and saved a most compliant patient  $30/week herbal price.

After that prescription adjustment, Frieda always spent extra time to make changes in her patients’ prescriptions. She had no software to make the changes. There are always paired herbs have the same functions but different properties to guide to different places. One change could make many other changes to get the same treatment result. So, Frieda needs to spend a half to one hour per patient to make the change to help her patients save money. There is no extra charge for the patients. However, the extra workload hurt Frieda’s health gradually.

To find a way not using herbal formula, even for severely sick patients is a needed task. And, it’s better to solve it ASAP.

The First Turning Point

Frieda’s on land patients are not as same as her at sea patients following her instructions. By an occasional chance, she learned hypnosis. So, she could bound hypnosis with her acupuncture treatment to speed up the treatment result without prescribing herbs.

The Second Turning Point

Frieda learned at school of cosmic energy healing called longevitology. That needs the master to open six points on the Governor meridian. It’s a way for the people who could not visit clinic either financially or time constrains. Frieda thought about if do not need anyone to open the points, can have the cosmic energy healing power in one’s hands will be a great innovation.
The beauty will be anyone can learn it easily.

So, she was thinking and thinking, by using basic Chinese medicine theory, she discovered that if she could use a simple exercise to open up the whole body’s acupuncture points, the healing power should be a lot stronger than only open six points. She tried to teach her patients and friends the exercises. That proved her thoughts and its effectiveness.

The Birth of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing

As an assigned group leader for practicing the longevitology, the first time, Frieda gathered her group members to show her combined version of the cosmic energy healing with a universal code of gratitude on one member. She discovered when the member gave her gratitude to God, the energy flowing in her body was times increased. So, Frieda added more universal codes to practice during the longevitology healing and all got outstanding results.

Later, Frieda went to network event, she used her founded Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to treat the people they met and she mentioned about their health issues. The healing was executed during the break time. Due to the time constraints, Frieda added more ways to move hands to increase the healing effectiveness. Gradually, a new school of cosmic energy healing – the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing became alive in the world.

After the Birth of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing

Since the end of 2012, Frieda had tried the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing for numerous people for random met health issues and all got positive results. Frieda wrote her first book and got published on Nov 9th, 2015.

Life Mission of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing

As time passed by, the power of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing and the focus of spreading the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing woke Frieda’s awareness. To implement the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing with her Chinese medicine knowledge and set up “Model City of Health” is her first life mission.

Build My Model City of Halth

With you and your neighbors’ input, you can live in a friendly, sharing, collaborating, loving, always giving gratitude, mutual caring community. You have high consent to your life with peaceful mind, happy, healthy and wealthy.

Let's Hold Hands Work for IT

What is the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing?

It is  based on millions years traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom and Frieda’s unique clinical experiences, to teach you how to recover your self-healing power.

It helps people nourish their body, mental and spiritual health to get their great self shining.
We believe everyone is entitled to own an abundant life of happiness, health, wealth through transformation.
Besides using universal energy to clear body block caused health issues, we use NLP, Dream Builder skills and Frieda’s broad education and training skills since third grade to cultivate your life and business successful characters.

© Universal Acupuncture and TCM Corp, Master Mah, the Chinese Medicine Woman


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