Comprehensive Universal Energy Healer Training Programs

Comprehensive Universal Energy Healer Training Programs train the CHUEH healers who can represent our brand to do the training.  We keep a high standard for the attendants’ registration and certificate gate.

We are looking for good knowledge, skills as well as the correct attitude toward to the patients and practice.

Finished the following courses and show us your potential, your characters (the most important), you can get  the CHUEH healer certificate. Yes, if you are qualify, you can skip any of the courses listed below.

1. Meditation and self-hypnosis: Daily

2. The basic medical knowledge

a. The comparison of the TCM and western medicine
b. The comparison of the nowadays Chinese medicine and ancient Chinese medicine
c. The comparison of the 4 dimensional universe medical skill and the higher dimensional medical knowledge.
d. Energy therapy and cosmic energy therapy categories
e. Universal Energy Healing characters
f. The basic theory of the TCM
g. Treatment skills
h. Others

3. Universal Energy courses: Each one’s hour is vary, depends on what want to cover by the client’s request. More contents will be added later.

a. Pain
b. Mental Stress and how to be calm
c. Insomnia
d. Heart and blood vessel problems
e. Diabetic and high blood pressure
f. Flu, cough
g. How to take elderly
h. How to take care accident(Including sport injury and how to handle stroke)
i. Infant and/or young kid’s birth deform
j. Musician’s finger, hands, wrist mobility problem

4. They are the courses to help your CHUEH healing ability to achieve to a better realm.

a. How to set your goal (2-3 hours)
b. How to achieve your dream(12 weeks course)
c. How to master your life (6 months course)
d. How to do quantum leap(12 weeks course)
e. How to develop your talents(12 weeks course)
f. How to use the universal game rules to help you success(12 weeks course)
g. When you cannot find a way out of your situation, , what you can do?(12 weeks course)

5. Thinking Revolution and successful characters build up (One year, including camp, group class only.)

6. Advanced thinking skills and successful characters polish (one year, including camp, group class only.)

7. Hypnosis: 150 -300 hours. More practice.

Above classes are available for the individual coach.  If  we can match the coach and client relationship, you can pay and our schedule can meet, there is no waiting to start the class.

If you want to attend the group class, you need wait for our class opening time and it needs to meet the minimum people requirement to open the class.

Before you join our training program, please learn The Whole CHUEH Training Picture first.

If you like our The Whole CHUEH Training Picture and agree with us, please check the  event for classes to join and contact us to register.

We reserve the right to change the training program as needed. Please be our website subscriber in order to get the most recent information.

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