CHUEH Six Units CE Class

CHUEH Six Units CE Class

CHUEH Six Units CE Class is the UCHEH beginner’s class for acupuncturists and associations who want to earn six units of CEU.

Introduction to Treat TCM patients by Universal Energy Healing

Broad definition for TCM is to use any natural way to treat diseases and help people to gain health and longevity. Meanwhile, TCM notices that

  1. Our body links with universe and exchanges energy with universe.
  2. Our body have strong self-healing power.
  3. If a person’s whole body has no energy/blood flow blockage, with positive thinking and good personalities, he/she is hardly to sick.


Therefore, there is no doubt to use universal energy to do healing. Especially it’s free energy and powerful.


On  the other hand, nowadays diseases are beyond pure physical and mental scope. The disease treatments should consider about spiritual aspect. Spirit, mental status and physical situation mutually interact and affect one’s health.


Therefore, universal codes of love, gratitude, share and collaboration can regulate mental and spiritual health.


Workshop Contents:

I. Varieties of Energy Healing

Herbs, qi gong and breathing, meditation, acupuncture and moxibustion, light, electricity, magnet, heat, water therapy, cupping, exercises, spiritual therapy, cosmic energy, mixed.

II. Background, Concept, History, Different Schools, Application Scope of the Cosmic Energy Healing
III. The Power of Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing.
Please refer to Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Treated Items and cases examples.

IV. Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing with Universal Codes

  1. What is cosmic energy therapy?
  2. What are the differences among cosmic energy therapy schools?
  3. What can be treated by cosmic energy therapy?
  4. When should use regular TCM treatment instead of universal energy healing?
  5. What are the universal codes
  6. How the universal codes related to patients’ health?
  7. How can acupuncturists combine the universal codes with energy healing to benefit patients?
  8. What are the differences between qi gong treatments and universal energy healing treatments?

V. Hands on Practice
Demo and teach how to gain healing energy

Divide to be groups, practice energy healing and universal codes
Explain conditions encountered and how to handle (suppose attendants already know the causes and diagnoses for pain, stress and insomnia)

  1. Gain universal healing energy on hands
  2. Pain treatment
  3. Stress treatment
  4. Insomnia treatment


VI. Acupuncturists share experiences


VII. Conclusion

After this course, trainees should be able to know how to gain universal healing power, how to use it to treat patients and how to combine universal codes to treat patients.


Meanwhile, trainees also experience the power of this new treatment.


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