We are in an expanding and spinning spiral universal galaxy.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.


When your frequency is high enough, you enjoy a healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant life!


CHUEH Application Scope

CHUEH Application Scope is very broad broad.

Applicable Species

Human Beings

Healing a new born baby or small kid is even more powerful than adults due to their sizes are small and yang qi is stronger than an adult in general.



Healing animals are more like healing human beings.




When transplanting, applying CHUEH by holding the plant root and put the other hand on the top of the plant can increase the transplant survival rate.


Detox food or change the food taste to be lighter such as too spicy.



Usually, we do not recommend it. Especially for different genders to touch the sensitive area. Even for touching the spouse in a public area, the others do not know the relationship, might misunderstand or cause misbehavior later.
The second reason is the transmitted universal energy is proportional to the distance.


Usually, it’s inches distance form the healer to the client. It transmits more universal energy to the client.


CHUEH  remote applications. It does not need any media such as phone line or signal to transmit the universal power to treat. It can or cannot use willing that need to practice long time to gain healing result.

We will teach it when your frequency enters to higher level. It is easier for you to use your willing power to take care remote loved ones to do practical help and ease your worry. If without knowing it, you might only pray but worry a lot.

Disease Applications 

Pain Syndromes

Body deforms

Eliminate Pop Up Veins, protruded thoracic vertebra bone, ribs. It’s especially for the newborn babies.
Their tissues and bones are still soft and easier to correct. However, if can have clinical trials to collect more cases will benefit to teach the parents and/or caregivers in how to use the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to help the newborn becomes normal.

Internal Medicine

Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, Cold Flu, cough, none stopping nasal discharge, unceasing drooling, sputum in the lungs, nasal congestion, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, thirst, stomach pain, abdominal pain, menstrual pain, liver area pain, vomiting, stop bleeding, … , etc.


An uterine tumor patient had improved, but she had already got a doctor’s surgery be arranged a couple days later. It needs more clinical trials with advanced equipment to trace the result.

Spiritual, Emotional, Mental Disorders

Depression, anxiety, unhappiness, irritable, easily gets mad, sadness, fear, stress, mental cannot concentrate, etc.

However, for the severe situation, we recommend the beginners to get either acupuncture and/or hypnosis treatment. Frieda likes to do NLP healing due to it has fast and long lasting results.

Five Sensory Organs Disorders

Blurry vision, dry eyes, cannot hear due to kidney yang Qi def, lost smell sensation due to a stuffy nose, running nose, dry mouth, elderly eyesight degeneration and hearing loss, .. etc.

Join readers membership. Besides the comprehensive universal energy healing, Frieda would like to offer more tips to take care your health issues.


Stop alcohol and smoke additions are relatively easier to get results than stop drug addiction.
Drug addiction could cause liver and brain damages if the drug addiction has certain history and depends on the drug’s toxicity level. We recommend you get acupuncture and NLP treatments from Frieda.

Age Applications


For the newborns with health issues, we are highly expect to have a children’s hospital to collaborate with us. So, we can use the comprehensive universal energy healing and/or acupuncture, herbs or diet or massage to treat birth deforms, birth defects, poor constitutions, poor immunity, etc. to avoid costly medical cost and caring burden to the whole family and society.

Even for a normal newborn baby, we highly recommend the parents can do five to ten minutes Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to the newborn to help him/her an immunity and organ functions boost up. Meanwhile, it helps the newborn growing faster and better. It will save you a lot troubles by avoiding potential diseases.

Young Kids

Young Kids

The comprehensive universal energy healing can

  1. Calm down an active or stressful kids.
  2. Help kid grows strong and in good shape.
  3. Further help the congenital health issues.
  4. Remove discomforts when there are mild accidents like falling down.
  5. Boost immunity to reduce getting sick chances. If just get the flu, can ride off the symptoms soon.
  6. When there is exam or hard homework, can help kid keep calm and alert, have more energy to face the heavy school workload in order to have better performance in the school.


Tenage girls
  1. Keep a sound-able sleeping.
  2. Stable teenage girls emotional swing and/or PMS.
  3. Keep calm, alert, energetic to face academic competition.
  4. Protect eyes if has too much time spent on cellular phone.
  5. Balance the body to have balanced hormone secretion in order to keep better shape.
Teenage boys
  1. Protect eyesight.
  2. Keep teenage boys energetic.
  3. Keep school academic performance.
  4. When there is mild sport injury, it can help immediately without visit a medical professional.


  1. Have a better sleep.
  2. Detox foods before eating while dining outside.
  3. Boost immunity to avoid getting sick or absent from the job.
  4. Keep energy and a happy, peaceful mind face daily challenges.
  5. Reduce stress to keep a happy, friendly and attractive character.

Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Woman
  1. Get rid off pregnancy discomfort.
  2. Keep happy in the pregnancy period.
  3. If put hands on the abdomen, the transmitted yang I can help fetus growing healthy, developmentally normal and have a better mood and smarter baby.
  4. If can adjust the fetus’s growing process, save a lot trouble after delivery.


  1. Ride off the pain.
  2. Avoid sick or sick severely.
  3. Improve vision and healing.
  4. Reduce degeneration speed.
  5. Keep better shape and outlook.
  6. If no pain, can keep better mobility.
  7. Ride off mild discomfort to avoid developing to be a bigger health issue.
  8. Keep social by inviting friends to visit and mutual taking care health by practicing group comprehensive universal energy healing.

Keep Young and Healthy

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