Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Chapter Five  teaches people how to get healing power in your hands by a five minutes per day exercises. It’s qigong. It boosts your health, boost your immunity, raise your body frequency, warm up your body gradually and increase your self-healing energy on hands.

If you can practice the qigong, put the four universal codes in your daily life and do self-healing at least for yourself, the healing power on your hands will build up gradually. When your hands have stronger energy, you can more effectively adjust more severe health issues and gradually, help more health issues.

When you apply the four universal codes with cosmic energy healing, you will surprise how they affect your health. If you complain the others, your bad words punishes you body healt first.  Them, how to express? Use a positive suggestion to communicate your different opinion(s) and recommendation(s). Meanwhile, treat it as a self growth chance.

When you feel frustrated or helpless, calm down, there is always a key to your solution. Sometime, you need to input time and money to turn your situation around. Do what you need to do as needed.
If you practice the universal ethic codes, you open a door to improve your health and fortunate.

If you follow our book to build up your energy on hands, lift your spiritual, build up your medical knowledge. As time passed by, you can gradually to take care more people and  far away loved ones.


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