Appendix 9 References

Appendix 9 References

Appendix 9 References list all references in the book. Though we do our best to cover all but may be missing some due to learned or read long time ago, even forget the part of the content was cited from somewhere. It’s not our intention to do so. But it was used as a common sense and forgot to check it source. We appreciate anyone can point it out and we will do our best to make it up. Thanks very much.

Meanwhile, due to the academic research report is lagging than what’s available in the world. Therefore, a lot resources are from the internet. However, internet links changes often. Therefore, we highly recommend you go to the book reference to check the most current one. In case of the material was deleted, we will find a similar or more advanced one to replace it. If we cannot find any substitute, we will let you know. Thanks for your understanding.

Citation is based on Journal citation for journals.

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< or>.
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Note: It means to eliminate only the “visible part” (i.e. only the symptoms).
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111. 《難經》 Nan Jing is a TCM theory book that explained eighty-one hard-to-understand questions in the Huang Di Nei Jing. Its original title was Huang Di Eighty-One Difficulties. There are three volumes. Its contents include pulse diagnosis, meridians, zang and fu organs, yin and yang, causes, etiologies, ying and wei, back shu points, and basic theories of acupuncture needling .
112. 《難經》/論病Nan Jing Discuss Diseases.<難經/論病>.
113. Huang Di Nei Jing 《黃帝內經》talks about disease etiologies and prognoses. It also includes some treatment methods. It’s mainly for preventive health maintenance and for longevity. It was written by many authors over a period of time. It was completed in the Han Dynasty.
114. 《神農本草經》 Shen Long Ben Cao Jing was broadly used before theMing Dynasty. Lee, Shi Zhen wrote the Ben Cao Gamg Mu《本草綱目》. It has fewer herbs than the later one, but they are more powerful to treat diseases than the Ben Cao Gamg Mu. The latter was welcomed by Chinese physicians when the book was published in 1596 because the listed herbs are gentler and there are pictures to identify them. If prescribed incorrectly, the bad effects are mild. It gives people the wrong idea that treatment with Chinese herbs is slow. Actually, it’s not. For TCM, herbs were used to treat acute and severe diseases with amazing results before the Ming Dynasty. However, it’s been a long time since the Ming Dynasty, and there are many herbs that cannot be identified. Many of them are processed incorrectly today to make quick money instead of doing the right thing to save lives. <神农本草经>.
115. Shang Han Lun《傷寒論》and Jin Gui Yao Lue《金匱要略》were written by Han Dynasty’s Zhang, Zhong Jing 張仲景who treated cold-induced diseases and today’s hard-to-treat diseases before the third century. His books are still being used by the best Chinese physicians as a reference bible when encountering diseases where treatments are not known.
116. Huang Di Wai Jing 《黃帝外經》talks more about treatment principles for diseases. It talks about how to treat diseases’ roots.
< >.
117. Standard Acupuncture Nomenclature Second Edition. < _nomenclature.pdf>.
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120. Spiral Universe – Rose Galaxy
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124. 讖緯, Qian Wei is the “divination combined with mystical Confucian philosophy prevalent during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25AD-220AD). <讖緯 >.
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129. Tian, Gui-Min, Cao, Lina, Tian, Shu-Xiao. 移精变气论篇”琐谈, 田桂敏、曹麗娜、田淑霄, A Talk on Yi Jing Bian Qi Lun.
130. 道教符箓禁法祝由十三科, Taoist’s Zhu You Division of the Talisman and Prohibition Law.
131. 中國武當山發現最早反映武當功夫的白話武俠小說. China Wudang Mountain discovered the earliest martial arts novels that reflect the Wudang Gongfu.
132. 司馬遷 Si Ma, Qian (145 BC—90 BC) A great Chinese historian, writer, and thinker in the Western Han Dynasty. <>.
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134. Bhakti Yoga: The Nature of Devotion.
< -is-devotion/>.
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137. Readers’ Discussion. <>.
138. Yin Wei Meridian. <>.
139. How Does TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) View Diseases?
140. Videos. <>.
141. Lifting. <>.
142. Video 1. <>.
143. Video 2. <>.
144. Video 3. <>.
145. Video 4. <>.
146. Video 5. <!>.
147. The Power of CHUEH. <>.
148. Pain Relief. <>.
149. Pop Up Veins. <>.
150. Cold Flu. <>.
151. Stop Bleeding. <>.
152. Da Zhou Tian. <>.
153. Q & A. <>.
154. Cold Foods & Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems.
< >.
155. Cold Foods Drinks Caused Problems Chart Rev 1..
156. How Do I know that I Am Well Treated? <>.
157. When can I stop my treatments? <>.
158. How often should I get treated? <>.
159. How long do you keep the happy pins (needles) in?
160. Raise Up Your Energy Frequency to Avoid Sick. <>.
161. Man invest machine to convert plastic into oil. <>.
162. Natural Born Abundant Ability Recovery Center. <>.
163. Chapter One Introduction. <>.
164. Chapter Two. <>.
165. 值得一读的20个经典励志小故事, the seventh story of twenty classic inspirational stories worth reading. <>.
166. New Book Content Recommendation. <>.
167. Chapter Three. <>.
168. How A Mother’s Health Can Affect Kid’s Health? <>.
169. Emotional Disturbance During Pregnancy
170. Moral Cultivation. <>.
171. The Dream Builder Coach Program. <>.
172. New Book Announcement. <>.
173. Chinese Exercises vs. Western Exercises. <>.
174. The Differences Between Chinese Exercises and Western Exercises Chart. <>.
175. Raise Your Legs 90 Degrees Up Against the Wall. <https//>.
176. Crack Sound From Your Knee(s). <>.
177. Meniscus Tear. <>.
178. TCM Health Concept Chart. <>.
179. Nutrition in Chinese Medicine. <>.
180. Huang Di Nei Jing TV documentary. <>.
181. TCM Diagnosis for Internal Medicine – Ten Questions. <>.
182. Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment. <>.
183. How do wolves change the river ecosystem? < wolves>.
184. You Can. <>.
185. How to Make An Emergency Stretcher. <>.
186. Cold Foods & Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems.
187. Cold Foods Drinks Caused Problems Chart Rev 1.
188. “More Evidence That Milk Does Not Prevent Osteoporosis: A Harvard Nurses’ Health Study.” Good Medicine. 12.3, (2003): 4. This covers an eighteen-year follow-up on 72,000 postmenopausal women where a high-calcium diet did not reduce fracture rate.
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195. Stress Caused Problems. <>.
196. Poor Balance. <>.
197. Back Pain Chart. <>.
198. CHUEH Training Programs. <>.
199. Dai Meridian. <>.
200. Foot Reflexology. <>.
201. Foot Reflexology. <>.
202. Meridian Flowing Chart. <>.
203. CHUEH Video 1 is the twelve strands of DNA for ascending. Video 1 explains DNA, especially the twelve strands’ functions, and the relationship between human beings and the universe. <>.
204. CHUEH Video 2 discusses detoxifying your pineal gland (your third eye) and using meditation music to benefit you. Earphones are needed. Please find a comfortable and safe place to do meditation while you focus on your spiritual meditation. <>.
205. The Indigo Evolution Full Length Documentary Indigo Children. <>.
206. Allegheny Candles’ Blog. <>.
207. Hypothalamus Florida Academic Cancer Alliance Body Map. HealthLine Medical Team. 2015. <>.
208. DNA Can Be Influenced And Reprogrammed By Words And Frequencies. <>.
209. .Spine Chart.
210. Heart Pain Cases. <>.
211. Decades Stomach Problems. <>.
212. Bill Gates Quotes. <>.
213. Palm Reflexology. <>.
214. Emergency numbers around the world
215. Governor (Du) Vessel. <>.
216. Yang Wei Meridian. <>.
217. Roberts, Michelle. “Seasons Affect How Genes and Immune System Work.” Health. (2015). <>.
218. Governor Vessel. <>.
219. Conception Vessel. <>.
220. Yang Quo Meridian. <>
221. Yin Qao Meridian. <>.



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