Appendix 8 An External Herbal Formula Applications

Appendix 8 An External Herbal Formula Applications

Appendix 8 An External Herbal Formula Applications is fully applying the fundamental of health: Keep the whole body’s Qi and blood flow smoothly to keep the whole body healthy. Once all organs are healthy and function well, will have good emotions and personalities. The simple formula applied with wine and happy pins (acupuncture needles) can treat most tough cases that simplified physicians’ training and practice. Meanwhile, it saves a lot medical costs.

It’s application is very broad and can increase treatment effectiveness 2 to 6 times compared with without using it.

Happy pin guides herbs to a needed location.

Wine and moxibution help herbs penetration to deeper locations.

Therefore, this simple formula almost can treat the majority of clinical issues that including cold constitutions, coldness caused diseases, harden and tight tissues, low immunity, low organ functions, hypo organism functions, swollen, inflammation, poor circulation, collapse organs, kidney dialysis, ride of coldness and increase immunity in cancer patients, etc. Even in the infection cases, we use it to combine with the acupuncture to sedate the excess heat and boost up the immunity to fight with the virus and/or bacteria. Or combine with acupuncture points to sedate yin deficiency caused heat. Meanwhile, tonify the yin.

In the complicate cases of mixed cold and heat, yin and yang, excess and deficiency, the pure acupuncture can treat for the excess and deficiency heat. The formula can apply to the other proper points to treat. So, it is very flexible in the clinical applications.

It is especially useful for the patients who lost their appetite and/or the patients whose problem area is too deep and too dangers to needle deep. With this formula and moxa can needle shallower in the safe depth but still can treat well.

However, both herbs need to process right to keep the best effectiveness.

It is worth to be wide spread and we are planning to improve it’s application forms to make more convenience for clinical application.


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