Appendix 7 Our Websites

Appendix 7  Our Websites

Appendix 7  Our Websites’ list for our different purpose websites. Though they are different, our websites are all related to health from different approaches.

  1. This book’s website:
  2. Our Main Site:

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傳統中文 is the website for the traditional Chinese readers.

简体中文 is the website for the simplifies Chinese readers.

Mobile  is a quick glance guide for TCM preventive healthcare.

Happy Pin shares cases and clinical knowledge to let patients know your condition is treatable and let healthcare professionals know how to think and how to treat as a discussion.

NBAARC Natural Born Ability Recovery Center is Frieda’s preferred treatments due to they raise patients energy frequency and fulfill their life missions through many ways.

  1. Patients involve for their own health and treatment. It’s active healthcare by lifting soul for subconscious and super-subconscious.
  2. We offer guidance, coaching and consulting for your health, your dreams, etc.
  3. Patients staying here that they are givers, knows how to give gratitude, respect and needed rewards to the others.

Self-Healing is the Universal Energy Healing to let readers to learn self-healing. The book(s) teaches people how to recovery self-healing power and how to do self-healing. Meanwhile, It will be a series books from treatments to raise body. mind and soul integrated frequency to purify your great self and carry out your life mission that recording in your DNA. The book one teaches readers how to help their pain, stress and insomnia problems. Under what kind situation can do self-healing and when to seek for professionals’ help.

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