We are in an expanding and spinning universe.

We use the universal divine love and energy to transform your frequency to allow you smoothly follow the earth to enter a higher dimensional universe.

About Us

Our Drive

Nowadays, there are wars, high medical cost, upside down triangle populations, environmental pollution, patients/friends told me that go to the supermarket, do not know what to buy without dumping toxins into their bodies, hard to trust people as two decades ago, high gobble competition but most jobs’ pay have a long-time without reviewed, high living cost, etc. There are too much fear and worries.

What kind life that our kids face? Please also watch the video on youtube.

Young people

  1. Do not want to have a relationship.
  2. Do not know how to maintain a healthy relationship.
  3. If have a stable relationship, do not want to marry!
  4. If marry, do not want to have kids.

The major reason is to keep the money for self-use without family responsibilities by making money to support the family. Plus, even paid a lot of social security money, but who can count on retirement fund of the social security is still available to pay for retirement life?

What do we think?

To be healthy is simple and easy: Eat right, do exercises or physical work to keep body mobility, access sunshine, go to bed early and have a healthy lifestyle, think positively, keep away from pathogens, doing things right. By doing so, body, mind, soul have no blockage. Therefore, Qi and blood flow smoothly and actively. The body has an environment that is not fit any diseases resident.

To be healthy likes eating meals to maintain a quality life. Therefore, health is each individual’s responsibility and it is the only way one can control self-health. Any health professional only can facilitate you to get you healthy, but, cannot promise to make your health.

What Do We Want to Do?

If we can maintain baby Boomer’s health without a drop down and let them can surround with friends and do mutual care their health by using the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing, their retirement life will be happier.

Many people bear more or fewer health issues without visit any medical professional. Until it becomes severely uncomfortable, then visit a health care professional. This is another reason makes medical cost going high. If they can use the whole body Healing System to take care their mild discomfort, it will not turn to severe health issues. They have a happier life and medical cost also can cut down.

We want to widely spread the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing. To let people can ride off their discomfort in the early stage without extra cost after learned how to apply the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to help themselves. And they do not need to suffer in health issues or spend money to visit a clinic or even an ER later.

What Do We Expect You to Do?

At least buy our book "A Wealth of Health-Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress, and Insomnia" to read to gain some basic Chinese medical knowledge to avoid sickness.

Watch the video at youtube.com and join us to spread the "A Wealth of Health-Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress, and Insomnia". Or join our training program for yourself use, or for healing the others use, or get our certificate to be a trainer to train the others later.

If you are a corporation owner or CEO or a nonprofit organization board member, please contact us to discuss how to let Frieda hold classes at your site. 

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