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As you learn the universal resources, I bet you will like to grasp the power and key from the universe to achieve your happy, healthy, wealthy and abundant life.

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Kick Off Pain, Stress and Insomnia without Drugs

Only use your hands, breathing method, meditation and simple exercises to kick off pain, stress, insomnia and many other health issues without drugs, supplements or even herbs.
Learn the causes of the pain, stress, insomnia and Chinese medicine wisdom to diagnose and do self-healing. Keep you away from doctors.

Distress, Eliminate Pain and Insomnia

Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Pain, Stress, Insomnia

Everyone has a very strong self-healing power except his body’s yang qi has been damaged.

The Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing is a most comprehensive and powerful self-healing tool for pain, stress and insomnia.

Please read Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health.

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You will happy to learn universal resources that empower to be happy, healthy, wealthy and abundant!

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You you want to ride off pain, stress, insomnia? Improve productivity? Be calm to do job or get a great score for your exam? avoid sick? reduce health insurance premium? improve interpersonal relationship? If you are an individual, join training. If you are a corporation or a non-profit organization, get solutions here!


Comprehensive universal energy healing (CHUEH) is very powerful. Please read our testimonials. To learn better, please visit the power of the CHUEH and learn the universal resources.

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Why Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing?

It is the most comprehensive universal energy healing so far. Let’s see why it is so unique?

We use CHUEH often on our website for comprehensive universal energy healing.

  • Easy to learn without professionals’ help to open chokra or acupuncture points.
  • Only a five minute exercise, you own stronger healing power on hands.
  • The exercises also boost your yang qi. Please read our book to learn it’s function.
  • Use Chinese medicine knowledge to find root cause (s) and eliminate them quickly.
  • During the healing both the healer and the client get benefits.
  • It helps deforms, improve outlooks applications: beauty, cosmetic.
  • Include Frieda’s 23 +years study and treating decades’ chronic or hard to treat cases.
  • Include dream builder coach, life mastery consultant, hypnosis skills and meditation.
  • Includes ethic codes to let people directly feel its benefit to health, wealth and fortunate.
  • Daily practicing the exercise and the CHUEH, body, mind and soul frequency increased.
  • Helps newborns in many ways: Have a healthy baby, reduce caring cost.
  • Helps elderly changes lifestyle to have better social life.

Learn Self-Healing for Pain, Stress and Insomina

Except your body or soul are severe blockage, you can use the book of A Wealth of Health-Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress and Insomnia to improve your health and you own the treasure. Learn body, mind, soul relationship and how to unblock their links.

If your body has severe blockage, you'd better to get qualified acupuncture treatment or acupuncturist's other therapies.

If the links among your soul, mind and body has  blockage, please join our training.

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Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Application Scope

Applicable species

It can be used for human beings, animals and plants.



The healer can put hands on the client’s body to heal. But, it is better to keep a couple inches distance to allow more qi between the healer and the client. It can get better results.


The healer and the client even can stay in the same room, but can stay with bigger distance within a room.


The healer and the client can stay in different rooms or even on the opposite side of the earth.

Application of diseases

Pain Syndromes

There are too many cases treated that covers common seen pain syndromes in clinics. Please refer to Please refer to the power of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing and Pain Relief.For the severe pain caused by severe blockage such as extra coldness accumulations, blood stagnation and cancer, it still needs clinical trials to validate the UEH treatment effectiveness. So far, use acupuncture plus moxibution and our specific external herbs can treat effectively.

Body deforms 

Eliminate pop up veins , fix protruded thoracic vertebra bone, chest and rib, etc.

Internal Medicine

heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, Cold Flu, cough, none stopping nasal discharge, unceasing drooling, sputum in the lungs, nasal congestion, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, thirst, stomach pain, abdominal pain, menstrual pain, liver area pain, vomiting, stop bleeding, … , etc.


Uterine tumor patients had improved, but she had already got a doctor’s surgery be arranged a couple days later. It needs more clinical trials with advanced equipment to trace the result.

Spiritual, Emotional, Mental Disorders

Depression, anxiety, unhappiness, irritable, easily gets mad, sadness, fear, stress, mental cannot concentrate.

Five Sensory Organs Disorders

Blurry vision, dry eyes, cannot hear due to kidney yang Qi def, lost smell sensation due to a stuffy nose, running nose, dry mouth, .. etc.


Alcohol and smoke additions.

Cases Sharing

It’s for temporary happened cases that when there is no herb, no needles available, what can you do?

For more cases, please read the power of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing (CHUEH)).

Solve the world aging problem

For the 45 to 65 around years old people, if let the healthy person keep healthy, the near sick or just sick no long and under medication people use Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to improve health, it will save tremendous medical cost and save our younger generation’s burden and stress.

Meanwhile, change the elderly lifestyle from staying alone at home to speed up aging and feel lonely at home to be still enjoy friends’ gathering fun to chat, sing and open hands to mutual take care each others’ health. What a warm and beautiful picture for you to see?

Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing Offers Elderly Happy Healthy Life.

However, there is also limitations for CHUEH.

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